Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Community Meeting Tonight!
7-8pm at Clare House

*Crime and Safety Report with Q&A session from Nick Juarez, MPD Crime Prevention Specialist

*Neighborhood and Community Relations Department representative, Jack Whitehurst, speaks about low interest and deferred loans available to SAENA residents and property owners

*Have questions, ideas, or comments about what’s happening in your neighborhood? This is the BEST place to be heard!

Questions? Call Abby at 612-331-6514

Community Meeting 8/25/14

Friendly reminder of the upcoming Community Meeting for St. Anthony East Neighborhood

Monday, August 25, 2014 
Clare House, Conference Room
Topics: 2nd Precinct Safety & Crime update with Q&A, Info session from the Neighborhood & Community Relations Department (learn about low interest home/property loans for our neighborhood), Small Area Plan update, and anything you or your neighbors bring to the discussion table
Questions? Call Abby, your SAENA Administrator – 612-331-6514 or email
See you there!

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Required qualifications: 

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  • cannot be a spouse, parent, child or sibling of any election judge serving in the same precinct
  • cannot be a candidate or the spouse, parent, child or sibling of any candidate on the ballot in that precinct
  • must attend a 2 hour training class

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Board Meeting Minutes from 7/28/14

Anthony East Neighborhood Association

 Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 28, 2014

Clare Apartments

President Jeremy Wieland called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Jeremy Wieland, Nick Espinosa, Peter Radford, Andrea Stelljes, Donna Stutelberg, Derek Griffith, Josh Keller. Absent: Alana Espinosa, Larry Ranallo.

Others in attendance: Carol Johnson – Resident. Renee Louck – 2nd Precinct. Margo Ashmore –Northeaster paper. Abby Rowan – Neighborhood Administrator.

  1. Small Area Plan Update and Review: The final plan is going through the review process with staff from the City of Minneapolis before the full City Council votes on the plan. Jeremy advised all board members to read the Plan. The administrator will email the board with the link to the plan.

The draft plan for public review is available on the City’s website for the plan at:  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

The St. Anthony East Neighborhood Small Area Plan is now available for a 45 day public comment period prior to the commencement of the City’s formal plan approval process through the Planning Commission and City Council. The comment period will extend from Monday, June 30 until Wednesday, August 13, 2014. All comments received during the public comment period will be incorporated in the public record and taken into consideration in editing the final draft of the plan.

  1. Communications – email & newsletter: Verified Beth Van de Walker as the “owner/creator” of the format after the administrator sends the content. The board agreed to continuing to work with Do Good Biz for the publishing and distribution of printed literature. Content board members agreed on for the newsletter is a “We’re back” pitch, SAENA contact information, board member names, meeting schedule, information about the NRP plans, information about upcoming elections and voting poll locations, information about Webster school opening in 2015/construction, Tuesday night walking group, ash tree update, 311/911 guide. Will arrange for speakers from the 2nd Precinct and GMHC (pronounced gimmick) to attend the next community meeting for educational talks on loans and crime and safety.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeremy Wieland explained the Treasurer’s Report and the four different accounts that the SAENA Treasurer maintains. Reviewed most recent Treasurer’s report. Noted SAENA needs to account for money allegedly spent/document money not spent and will clarify this with Donna, Jack W., and Taras.

  1. Board Member Priorities:

            Josh: Community engagement, up to date with communication efforts

            Donna: Learn the treasurer’s role thoroughly, get past records, clarify the owed/not

            spent loan money

            Andrea: Add another event

            Derek: Community involvement, research investing our unspent money in a way

            that provides on-going rewards for the neighborhood

            Nick: Tenant Organizing

            Jeremy: Have Small Area Plan accepted by City Council, communication with

            residents, events

            Peter: Understand and keep up with Webster school planning

  1. Reports from Guests (2nd Precinct and Northeaster): Crime rates staying low, trying a new system for the public commenting on how specific crimes have affected them going from requesting comments post-arrest to requesting comments at the time of the crime. A representative from the 2nd Precinct can come to community meetings to give updates and answer questions/address comments if requested and available.

The Northeaster is produced every 2 weeks, always welcomes ideas/articles via submission of letters to the editor. Interest in participating in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Tour of Homes where remodeled, historic, and unique homes are promoted should contact Northeaster. Thoughts of how to maximize the annual Northeast garage sale weekend are also welcomed.

  1. Officer Election Results:

            President: Jeremy Wieland

            Vice President: Nick Espinosa

            Treasurer: Donna Stutelberg

            Secretary: Andrea Stelljes

  1. Comments from Community Members: Carol Johnson expressed concern about BINGO noise coming from LUSH in the middle of the day on a weekend. Jeremy noted that under a certain decibel level, establishments are allowed to have noise until 10pm. It was advised that all comments/complaints involving non-emergency city items be directed to 311.
  2. Next Meeting, August 25, 7pm Clare House – Community Meeting. Administrator will look into having a speaker from the NRP and from the 2nd Precinct attend to explain the loan opportunities through the Association and crime in the neighborhood.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

Submitted by Abby Rowan, SAENA Administrator

July 31, 2014

Next Community SAENA Meeting – August 25, 2014

Please join us at the next St. Anthony East Neighborhood Association meeting, open to all, on August 25, 2014 at 7pm at Clare House, 929 Old Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN.

We will have speakers from the 2nd Precinct to answer questions and respond to comments regarding crime in our neighborhood and also somebody who will speak about the monies available to each of you for improving your homes or properties. 

These meetings are your opportunity to be involved, to learn, and to ask about what is happening right in your own neighborhood. Come check it out! 

2014 -2015 Board Members

 I present to you your SAENA Board Members!


  • Jeremy Wieland, President                            

(612) 702-3917

Term: 2013-2015 (2)


  • Donna Stutelberg, Treasurer


Term: 2014-2016 (1)


  • Andrea Stelljes, Secretary

(612) 331-9206

Term: 2014-2015 (3)


  • Peter Radford

(612) 378-4824

Term: 2013-2015 (1)


  • Larry Ranallo

(651) 894-4488

Term: 2014-2016 (3)

  • Derek Griffith

Term: 2014-2016 (1)

  • Nick Espinosa

(612) 362-0441
Term: 2013-2015 (2)

  • Alana Espinosa

(612) 414-9179
Term: 2014-2016 (1)

  • Josh Keller

Term: 2014-2016 (1)



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