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SAENA Mailing Address:
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Minneapolis, MN 55418

Phone: 612.331.6514


2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear SAENA Board –

    My name is Rebecca Lechner and I am a program coordinator for the Live Smoke Free program ( Live Smoke Free is a grant-funded program that assists property managers when they would like to have a smoke-free building. We also help tenants with secondhand smoke issues and provide an online directory of smoke-free housing at our Website. All of our services and materials are free.

    I was looking at your Website and noticed that you had a community resources page. I wanted to send a quick blurb about Live Smoke Free – just in case you were interested in including our information. The blurb is below – if you have any questions, please let me know.

    Did you know? Smoke-free policies reduce the risk of smoking-related fires in apartment buildings. St. Anthony East Neighborhood property managers can learn more about the benefits of smoke-free buildings by contacting Rebecca Lechner at Live Smoke Free at (651) 646-3005 or at Our materials and services are free! Tenants can also find a directory of smoke-free apartment buildings in the metro at

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!

    Best, Rebecca

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