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St. Anthony East is located in northeast Minneapolis. The neighborhood extends from Broadway Street NE on the northern border to Central Avenue NE on the east and southeast, Second Avenue NE on the south, and then Fifth and Washington streets NE on the west

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For a small neighborhood Saint Anthony East has access to a large amount of public space, including Community Commons Park, Logan Park, and St. Anthony Park. Transportation is convenient as two Metro transit lines serve the immediate neighborhood – with the 10 running along the eastern boundary of Central Avenue, while route 17 runs through the middle of the neighborhood on Monroe Street. In addition to easy public and auto transportation, the 3rd Avenue Bikeway runs near our southern border, connecting to the Boom Island Park Trails, Father Hennepin Bluffs Trail, Heritage Trail, and the soon to be built 5th Street bikeway. The neighborhood has historically been home to Webster Elementary school, which is scheduled to reopen in 2015 as a community school within the Minneapolis Public Schools system serving the St Anthony East and West neighborhoods as well as parts of downtown Minneapolis. Many amenities are only a short walk away.

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2 thoughts on “About St. Anthony East

  1. Loretta Larkey

    Will close on a home at 450 Madison St. In St. Anthony East neighborhood on April 1st. Plan to do kitchen update and our realtor tells us the neighborhood association has funds that can be borrowed to help finance updates. Would like information about this program.

    1. Hello Loretta,

      Please let us know if you are still interested in the Remodeling programs offered by St Anthony East Neighborhood Association (SAENA). I have added some information to the website with basics on the programs here: https://saenaminneapolis.com/housing-resources/

      As the new Neighborhood Administrator, I work on behalf of the Neighborhood Board of Directors to implement the activities of the St Anthony East Neighborhood. Our next meeting is June 22, 2015 and it would be great if you could attend (hopefully we can chat about loan programs!). Also, feel free to call or email me for further information at: saena3@gmail.com or 612-331-6514. Note: To be sure that we connect, I will send you an email as well.

      Also: My apologies for being over a year late in responding to your message. We had some issues with staff turnover that went unresolved for a while and many things did not get done as one might have hoped.

      Take Care,

      Robert Clarksen
      Neighborhood Administrator

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