SAENA’s Board

St. Anthony East Board of Directors

  • President – Jeremy Wieland
  • Vice President – Dave Hauser
  • Treasurer – Sindee Hauser
  • Secretary -Sylvia Radford
  • Chris Jones
  • Clareyce Nelson
  • Nick Espinosa

2 thoughts on “SAENA’s Board

  1. Kathy Kittelson

    Did that speed wagon cut down on speed at all ? We need more signs designating “Not a Thru Street” all over our n’hood . You can always tell when there’s been an accident at Broadway/Monroe …everyone tries to cut thru . I have seen vehicles cross over the berm at Jackson and Autumn to get onto Broadway .

  2. Janell Stacey

    Is there any way we could post something on the webpage looking for anyone who might have seen anything? Our garage was robbed this morning 6/1/15, between 5:30-6:30am. All of power and regular tools were stolen, 2 nice sets of golf clubs, other smaller items. They tried to take our scooter but I found it in the alley. Address 620/622 Van Buren St. NE. The police were called and a report was made, but anybody that may have any information please contact me at

    Thank you and any help would be appreciated.

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