Neighborhood Master Plan

The recently adopted St. Anthony East Master Plan included 8 goals for effective implementation, as summarized below.

  1. Identify opportunities to implement the market driven housing development plan while maintaining the broader character of the neighborhood.
  2. Enhance opportunities for home ownership
  3. Provide opportunities for commercial/retail use that strengthen the core neighborhood node and Spring/Monroe
  4. Improve character of streets to reinforce hospitable pedestrian and cycling environments
  5. Improve hierarchy of streets to ensure local access, transit, snow removal, and connectiveness throughout the neighborhood
  6. Improve accessibility by expanding transit and bike facilities throughout the neighborhood.
  7. Improve parks by updating and maintaining equipment and developing Community Commons park.
  8. Enhance visual appeal and design character of neighborhood to enhance livability.

Beginning in June, 2015, SAENA staff will begin community outreach to explore opportunities and interest to achieve some of these goals with support from funds provided by the Citizen Participation Process (CPP).

View the approved SAENA Master Plan here:

Congratulations to all who worked so diligently to carry this through!

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